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Information Sheets

The following are Adobe pdf files for the most common requests for information. Select the one you would like and down load the file. Download times are approximate and may take longer depending on your system.
Travelbud Support being used in an infant carrier 
(takes 1 to 2 minutes to download)
Butterfly Support - one page text with photo and diagrams 
(takes about 1 minute)
Pictures of Travelbud and Butterfly showing a variety of uses  
(lots of pictures and can take almost 2 minutes to download)

Endorsement from Maureen Luther, B.Sc. (PT), MA.
Paediatric Physiotherapist
Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre

Endorsement from Sunnybrook & 
Women's College Health Sciences Centre

Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto
Endorsement from a Pediatric OT who 
specializes in children with feeding difficulties
Inventive Women in Canada 
"Risk Takers and Innovators: Great Business Ventures Since 1950" 
by Sandra Phinney
From the AMAZING STORIES Collection
ISBN 1-55153-974-8
"Incredible Women Inventors" by Sandra Braun
Part of The Women's Hall of Fame Series
ISBN 1-897187-15-7