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Definition of a "Snuglbud"

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The name given in that moment of joy when eye contact is first made with your newborn infant.

Our goal is to provide products, services and information for parents and healthcare professional. We work with premature infants, full term infants, toddlers and children. Some of our little customers have special requirements. Most of them are just infants with parents or caregivers who are looking for better ways to provide support and comfort. We work with hospitals, therapist and parents from coast to coast. We carry a variety of retail products and specialize in:
  • support systems for premature and full term infants.
  • positioning aids for use in hospitals and at home.
  • custom support systems for a variety of equipment
    and special needs.
  • innovative infant and toddler products.
  • car seat safety information, child safety restraints.

The poster (below) is courtesy of Women's College Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The poster was on display at a NICU conference in Tampa, FL. USA in Jan 2000

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